Our Purpose

  • Establishing & nurturing scholars across the two continents
  • Publishing peer reviewed papers, journals & articles.
  • Establishing relationship with academic institutions between the two continents
  • Organising focussed & meaningful events, lectures & symposiums
  • Offering fellowship, grants & scholarship to person of merit
  • Provide and procure assistance among each other in time of strife & need
  • Fostering & cherishing our tribal, spiritual & ancient wisdom with each other
  • Establishing relationship with global democratic institutions active in Africa:

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What we do

  • Direct people to people contact between us and various countries in Africa.
  • Establishment of parallel non diplomatic leader to leader connect.
  • Consolidating & indexing existing entities of subcontinent origin in Africa & vice versa.
  • Develop capability to protect our people & interest in Africa & vice versa.
  • Dilute established stereotypes about each other.
  • Create a non-Anglo, non-Euro, non-Confucius support group & understanding of Africa.
  • Create friends in African nations where we don’t exist yet while consolidating where we do.

The future belongs to those
who prepare for it today.

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