Our Purpose

Africa Study Centre is a non-profit organization lead by disciplined, culturally aligned, academic individuals whose main motto in life is to focus on organically nurturing a society whose feet stand firmly on the foundations of their ancestral achievements while striving to pave a true way to further the future generations.

The prominent issue that concerns us is the intellectual brain drain to our neighboring continents that makes Africa weak and slows our growth despite all what we have with us.

We do not want to lose our future intellectuals, doctors, engineers, artists, thinkers, philosophers, craftsmen and others so we ensure that we nurture the raw and budding talent.

We offer fellowship, grants & scholarships to people of merit and we aim to establish relationships with academic institutions in Africa. Apart from nurturing scholars, we also indulge in organizing meaningful events, lectures & symposiums to cherish the tribal, spiritual & ancient wisdom of Africa.

The future belongs to those
who prepare for it today.

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